6 thoughts on “SSRS 2016 Book Nearly Done… My Brain is now Jell-O

    1. Amit, I can’t speak to specific performance testing but only what I know of the new product architecture design. The most significant upgrade made to the SSRS 2016 product was the HTML5 rendering improvements. This includes a new default HTML report renderer and the web portal. The resulting content size for a report is smaller and more efficient. I suspect that this improves rendering performance. Any performance improvements that might occur during query time would be a result of upgrades made to the relational database engine or SSAS tabular query engine. I don’t think SSAS multidimensional saw any upgrades.

  1. Hi,

    I have looked at the new dashboard/charting options in SSRS 2016 and i find them pretty but also uncooked. There are very limited options for formatting/customizing (such as axis label formatting), etc? Many of these formatting/customization features are already available in MS Excel. Basically this is still far far away from something like Tableau.

    Do others feel the same – is there any idea if these charts would at least have kind of flexibility provided in MS Excel in the short term (3/6 months)?

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