A New Adventure

Next week I start a new chapter in my career.  About a week ago I accepted a position with SolidQ, formerly known as Solid Quality Mentors.  SolidQ is a relatively small company with a world-wide presence and are only focused on Microsoft BI technologies.  Their mentors are conference headliners, well-known technical authors and Microsoft MVPs.  I’ve had associations with SolidQ for several years as I’ve worked along side some of their mentors, taught at the same training centers and spoken at the same conferences.  I’m very excited to join a team of professionals that I’ve been watching for several years and share the same passion for BI that I do.

I’m leaving Hitachi Consulting after nearly seven enjoyable years.  Hitachi still employs many of the same great people I worked with when I started.  Hitachi brought me into their Seattle-based Microsoft BI practice in 2004 where I worked with some really talented BI practitioners and learned a great deal about things like dimensional modeling, data warehouse design and cube design.  I had been working with SQL Server Reporting Services and was able to contribute my database background, coding and SSRS skills on team projects where I continued to learn more about building holistic BI solutions.  I took over the company’s Microsoft BI training practice and partnership with various training centers to offer the courses we developed and taught.  This is where I ran into folks from Solid Quality like Kalen Delaney, Itzik Ben-Gan and Andrew Kelley.  I’ve learned much from material written and presented by people like Erik Veerman, Peter Meyers and Brian Knight.  My associate, Stacia Misner, had left Hitachi in 2006 for Solid Quality before she formed her own consulting company.  I’ve been teaching SSRS classes based on her books for years.

I have good things to say about Hitachi and many of the good people there.  The company and I are just moving in different directions.  The work SolidQ does is congruent with my skills, interests and passions for Microsoft BI.  I’m looking forward to this change.

Azure Reporting at the Oregon SQL User Group

This coming Wednesday, April 13th, Yi Liao will be joining us from the Reporting Services product team to showcase Azure Reporting – Reporting Services in the Cloud.  Please join us Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 8:45 at the KOIN Tower in Portland on 2nd & Columbia.  Watch the Oregon SQL web site for information about attending remotely and recordings of past meetings & presentations.

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Yi Liao: SQL Azure Reporting

Photo: Yi LiaoThis session will provide a brief introduction to the SQL Azure Reporting service that was announced at PDC 2010. We will outline the scenarios that will be enabled in SQL Azure Reporting v1 and discuss capabilities supported in this version. This session is a great forum to provide feedback on future direction of SQL Azure Reporting to help you address your business needs.

Biography: Yi Liao is a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft Corporation. Yi has been with Microsoft for more than 12 years. In the last 2 years, Yi has been a Senior Program Manager with SQL Server Reporting Services team, before that, Yi had worked for Exchange Hosted Services, Microsoft.com Business Intelligence, MSN and Office respectively. In SQL Server 2008 R2 release, Yi was the Program Manager in charge of Map feature. Currently Yi is working on Cloud BI initiative and driving the effort to release Microsoft’s first Cloud Reporting offering: SQL Azure Reporting.

Jennifer Wilmoth -Getting a Handle on Chaos

Photo: Jennifer WilmothThis presentation is an introduction to the Take Back Your Life! fundamentals including leveraging Microsoft Outlook to support individuals and teams to work at higher levels of alignment, focus, integrity and accountability. Specifically we’ll look at using email, tasks and the calendar modules of Outlook to improve productivity and work-life balance.

Biography: Jennifer has coached individuals and teams throughout many levels of organizations from individual contributors to CEOs. She has a particular zeal helping individuals develop powerful partnerships with their managers.

Take the BARC BI Survey 10

The BI Survey from the Business Application Research Center is available.  I encourage you to take the time to participate in the largest independent BI products and platforms survey in the industry.  The results are available to all participants.  The survey can be found here.

  Thanks to Chris Webb for the reminder.

SQL Saturday #68, Olympia, WA

I just returned from the SQL Saturday #68 in Olympia.  It was a great event, well organized, well attended and there were several excellent presentations, learining and networking opportunities.  More than anything else, I’m continually impressed by the caliber of people in the SQL Server community.  It’s not just their technical expertise.  The personal commitment and loyalty of the user group leaders and other volunteers, speakers and SQL Server MVPs is beyond description.  Without regard for direct personal gain or compensation, many of the usual suspects just show up to teach others and support the products and platform they love and are so passionate about.

Greg Larsen is the Olympia Area SQL Server User Group Chapter Leader.  He and his group put together a great event.  Scott Stauffer drove all the way down from Vancouver, BC.  Scott gave an excellent presentation about Integration Services and ETL.  I always enjoy Scott’s friendly, laid-back presentation style.  Robert Davis (SQLSoldier),  spoke about managing very large databases.  Robert is one of very few certified SQL Server Masters.  I’ve heard Robert speak at PASS and he and speaks with a great deal of expertise.  Buck Woody spoke about the Microsoft Azure and cloud services.  He’s one of my favorite presenters.

The topic of my session was “Visual Report Design: Bringing Sexy Back”.  I’ve posted a copy of the presentation: Visual Report Design – Paul Turley 4-9-11.