Nine Realms of Power BI and the Power BI Solution Advisor

The use cases for Power BI, along with its many companion technologies, are numerous. Many organizations are exploring the use of Power BI in enterprise-scale solutions and struggling with the myriad of options and choices. I’ve grouped these options into nine categories that I call the “Nine Realms of Power BI”. Along with my friends at CSG Pro, I have created a Power BI-based tool that you can use as a sort-of survey to assess your business and technical requirements and then recommend a reference solution architecture in one of these categories. The options, components and reference architectures, capabilities, limits and cost guidelines are detailed later in this presentation. I’ll also take you on a tour of the solution advisor tool, which I have published for public Internet users.
This is a presentation I prepared for the Redmond SQL Saturday that I will also use for some future presentations.

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