Note to SPAMers

Hello, before you post a SPAM comment to my blog, please consider this:

You are an idiot.  Your creative energy could be used to do good things for others or yourself.  You could contribute to the online community by posting something meaningful or interesting.  If you have nothing to contribute right now, go read a book, further your education, help an old lady across the street or sit quietly in a corner until you can think of something constructive to do with your time.

By posting a comment to my blog saying something like “your blog has changed my life forever and solved all of my problems.  It’s like you were reading my mind!  Please reply with your email so we can be best friends.” — and then attempting to add me to an email SPAM list to send ads for fake R.o.l.e.x. watches and v.i.a.g.r.a., you are only demonstrating your lack of dignity and ambition.  Anyone reading these comments also knows that you’re a moron.

The inconvenience that you cause me can be measured in milliseconds.  It’s a click of a button to add you to a blacklist and delete your comment.  You accomplish nothing.  Get a life.

3 thoughts on “Note to SPAMers

  1. Dead Paul, I was moved by your animated presentation. Besides the animation which I find impeccable ( I work in After Effects ) the story telling was top notch. Making comparisons in a growing unfurling of facts brings home the ultimate point that perhaps WWII was the war to end all wars. Until the final war which will just end us. Thank you for you work. It is meaningful and I have passed around to my friends. My kids are next.

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