Power View Now Works with Cubes!

This is a very significant day in the progression of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.  Earlier this year, Power View was released with SQL Server 2012; a remarkable step forward in data visualization. It wasn’t all bad news that Power View only worked with the new tabular semantic models and PowerPivot worksheets published in SharePoint but it did limit our options.  We’ve quietly lived with the fact that this great new reporting tool couldn’t be used with Microsoft’s flagship analytical data (OLAP) engine without building new semantic models.  Well, now it does, and that’s very good news.

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An Unusual Book–on DAX Formulas


One of the characteristics of a really good, classic movie is that it has a lot of memorable dialog.  I could go on for hours quoting one-liners from The Blues Brothers or Princess Bride.  Likewise, I think a good book leaves the reader with gems to ponder and to stimulate ideas.  Such has been my recent experience reading Rob Collie’s “DAX Formulas for PowerPivot, The Excel Pro’s Guide to Mastering DAX”.  Continue reading

BI Sessions and Report Dashboard Demos at the PASS Global Summit

Literally, minutes after I began posting my running notes from the keynote presentations and the first session I attended, I received a request to fill a last minute opening on the schedule and prepare a second session.  I’m working on preparing a new version of “Visual Report Design – Bringing Sexy Back”.  I will be presenting that session tomorrow.  Continue reading

Ready for SQL PASS 2012 Global Summit

Well, here I am sitting in a hotel room in Seattle on Sunday night, November 4th; the week of the PASS Global Summit.  This is my favorite week of the year in the SQL Server community.  If you’ve arrived ahead of the conference and have some time, please reach out so we can connect about BI, reporting, architectural design or life in general.  My twitter tag is @paul_turley. Continue reading