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Paul Turley

Paul (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) is a Competency Lead Director for the 3Cloud Solutions BI&A practice, and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. He consults, writes, speaks, teaches & blogs about business intelligence and reporting solutions. He works with companies around the world to model data, visualize and deliver critical information to make informed business decisions, using the Microsoft data platform and business analytics tools. He is a Director of the Oregon Data Community PASS chapter & user group, the author and lead author of Professional SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services and 14 other titles from Wrox & Microsoft Press.  Paul is a 2021 & 2022 FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect and holds several certifications related to the Microsoft Data Platform and Business Intelligence.

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Paul Turley

Paul (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) is a Competency Lead Director for the 3Cloud Solutions BI&A practice, and Microsoft Data Platform MVP, specializing in BI reporting, data modeling, analytics and data visualization solutions.  He’s an active member of the Business Intelligence, Azure and SQL Server community, and Director of the Oregon Data Community user group.  With deep expertise in Microsoft data platform and business analytics technologies; he has been architecting, managing and developing applications and business intelligence solutions since 1992.  Paul has experience in many industries including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, education, government, retail, insurance, finance, software, technology, entertainment and communications.

Paul has developed database, BI and reporting solutions for many large and small organizations throughout the world.  His expertise has included project lifecycle management, database modeling and design using every SQL Server versions since 6.0, application integration, and enterprise BI solutions using SQL Server Reporting Services, Integration Services, Analysis Services and Power BI.  He teaches, develops training courseware, speaks at industry conferences and has authored and co-authored several technical books.  He speaks at several Microsoft technology conferences and events and has presented at the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) global summit since 2004.

Paul is a 2021 & 2022 recipient of the FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect from Microsoft.  He has been a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) since 1996 and holds the current MCSE certification for Data Platform and BI.  Prior certifications include: MCTS and MCITP for SQL Server BI, Solution Developer (MCSD), database administration (MCDBA) and project management methodologies (MSF & IT Project+.)

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Paul has authored and co-authored several books and  training courses including:

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17 thoughts on “Paul’s Bio

  1. Love the report. Could you add total number of tracking for negative test and total test?

    1. James, do you have a reliable source for the test data? If so, I encourage you to share and perhaps add that to a copy of the report and share through the GitHub repo

  2. Hi Paul,
    Need your valuable inputs for one the customer requirements to access the tabular model data as described below.
    Could you please check and let us know if tabular model can support this Hierarchical access to data based on below levels. Any suggestions or approaches to implement this methodology.

    Below is the organization Hierarchy structure.

    Level Category Reports to Access to Data
    1 Chief Manager NA View all reportee’s data
    2 Regional Manager Chief Manager View Own and reportee’s data
    3 unit Manager Regional Manager View Own and reportee’s data
    4 Division Manager unit Manager View Own and reportee’s data
    5 Manager Division Manager View Own and reportee’s data
    6 Employee Manager View Own data only


  3. Hi Paul, Do you know of a successful way to report from TFS online? I have been researching on Power BI web and SSRS as alternatives but they seem to have limitations.

    1. Raft, I’m afraid I don’t have experience reporting out of TFS online but it seems reasonable that it could be done either through a live interface or extract.


  4. Paul, My CIO is looking for someone to do a quick but Expert level SSIS project. Are you available for this sort of engagement?

    1. Robert
      I’m booked pretty solid for the next few months and I do more reporting and semantic model design than ETL work. We have a number of mentors at SolidQ who are SSIS rock stars. I’m happy to make an introduction.

  5. Hello Paul,
    Great Material . Books and Website . Could you tell me where can i get more info about Deployment Reports in a real scenario ? Something that You wrote.
    Miguel – Peru – South America – Living in Toronto

    1. We cover report and solution deployment pretty thoroughly in our books for each version of the product. Did you have questions about any specific scenarios? i.e. Native, SharePoint, custom app integration.

  6. Hi Paul, great site. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the BI world? Not politically, but technically ;o)

    I’m just starting really in the Microsoft BI world, having previously used a number of SAP products. I’m excited by what Microsoft is bringing to the table and can’t wait to learn!

  7. Paul we really loved your advice on “Let’s get physical, the Art of Report Design.

    Paul are you okay if we use some of your points and graphics in our internal design document? We will reference you and your webite in the appendix.

    Kind regards

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