Power BI Licensing

Power BI licensing options are a mystery to many. It’s not that it is complicated; in fact, on the contrary,…

Power Platform Virtual Conference

I am happy to join several world-class speakers on July 23 & 24 for the Power Platform Virtual Conference. I will be speaking about how to create “no-code” Power BI custom visuals along with Mike Carlo from PowerBI.tips.

Drillthrough Navigation Between Power BI and SSRS Paginated Reports

Report navigation is, in my opinion, the essence of true data exploration and discovery. It lets business users see and understand important information in different forms; in summary and in detail, within context. SSRS and Power BI are truly a dynamic duo for reporting and data discovery. I wanted to post a follow up to these two articles because they are apparently very popular topics. Posted two days apart on my blog, they received 2,744 and 3,356 views. Woo!

Drillthrough from Paginated Report to Power BI

— report recipealso see: Drillthrough from Power BI to an SSRS Paginated Report In the recipe titled “Drillthrough from Power…

Drillthrough from Power BI to an SSRS Paginated Report

Navigating from a Power BI report to an SSRS Paginated report with filters and parameters.
This recipe primarily involves Power BI report design techniques. I’m not going to get into the details of Power BI report design but will cover the basics with a partially-completed report to get you started. If you are less-experienced with Power BI you can use this as an example for future report projects.

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