Tell The Joke Again – Blogging On Blogging

I just returned from a meeting with some of my peers at SolidQ and we were talking about the value of blogging and publishing articles. A few days ago, another one of my peers asked me to review his first-ever blog post before it was published. Douglas McDowell, CEO of SolidQ North America, shared a blog post he wrote earlier this year about his perspective on this, which I found quite insightful. It’s about sharing information that someone has shared with you. I now share this with you:

Tell the joke again

by Douglas McDowell

Have you ever retold a joke? Of course you have, we love to hear jokes and retell them. But no one ever tells the joke the same way they heard it, they change it to reflect their personality, make it funnier or fit a situation or audience better. A part of them comes through in how they retell the joke. And retelling the joke is usually as (or more) entertaining to the person retelling the joke as it is to the people hearing it.

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