How Does Microsoft Fabric Change the Enterprise BI Game?

Microsoft Fabric (#MicrosoftFabric), the new Unified Analytics platform, was announced this morning, literally moments before the Build Conference. Satya made the official announcement in the keynote address. Why is this big news and why is it important? In a few words, this is the most significant expansion to the Power BI and the analytics platform since the product was introduced. Satya said that Fabric is the most significant data platform innovation since SQL Server.

How Lakehouse Architecture is Revolutionizing Business Intelligence

The Lakehouse is the evolution of the earlier cloud data platform in many pieces that came with “some assembly required”. All of the components are modern, mature and capable but complicated and require specialized skills. Imagine that the new version is easier to assemble with instructions that are only a few pages with stick figures, and it comes with an Allen wrench.

We’re seeing consulting customers putting Lakehouse and BI solutions on-line in just a few weeks. Then they iterate to scale-up their modern data warehouse/BI platform as they train their Center of Excellence champions and Data Governance organizations as they progress.

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