8 thoughts on “What do you want to learn about SSRS 2016 at PASS Global Summit?

  1. I knew how to source control; and deploy to production; the .rdl, .rsd, .rds files of previous versions of SSRS. What artifacts in the newest version may be source controlled? and what methods are there for production deployments after development in DEV and testing in QA?

  2. It seems 2012 SSRS data sources can’t be edited in 2016 SSRS. Can you please confirm and suggest a work around.

    Also, subscription jobs are not getting converted. I found where Microsoft responded on the SSRS forum and posted code to create the jobs which worked to create the jobs but not the job steps. Do you have code for that?

  3. Mobile reports: Limits (still 10k rows dataset , 500 kb .shp file?), optimalization, best practices, execution log.

  4. I’d like to see a ‘single landing page’ for end consumers whom don’t need to know the technical differences but only want to feel a single environment experience for consuming reports. We know this brings together all 3 platforms SSRS, Power BI and Mobile Reporting….so please show your audience how this can be done. David

  5. I’d say:
    How does SSRS integrate with Power BI
    How to create navigation paths with KPIs, mobile reports and paginated reports
    How to use and create KPIs
    How does mobile reporting work and look with different types of reports and visuals
    How is HTML 5 rendering different from previous versions
    Is there anything new or different about SSRS setup or configuration
    Maybe something on branding the portal

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