6 thoughts on “Microsoft DataZen Mobile Platform Available to SQL Server Enterprise Customers for Free

  1. Hi,
    I can add some stuff in the frustration list 🙂
    there is no way to support a custom calendar, like a retail/marketing calendar
    there is no deployment option, like creating data views on a dev server and publish them on a prod server
    there is no shared schedules to refresh the dataviews, we have to set the refresh rate for each individual view… which is not good at all when we have a lot in place!!!

    the latest version of datazen at least solves the names returned by a cube, so no more measures_ !!!! we can put the name we want.
    and no more need to add custom measures to retrieve the member captions from the server! the system now give access to the members caption from all the dimensions added in a query!
    and also, now there is a Windows 7 designer tool

  2. I have created a dashboard and published it over the servers, but I am not getting the thumbnails of my created dashboards.I checked the rendering services and made some possible changes in WEB configuration file but still I am not getting any thumbnail for my created dashboards, cam some help on this.

  3. Datazen not ready for prime time. Add customization and realtime data and I may change my mind.

  4. hi,
    yes your way is good. nut when we create the view on datazen with mdx query. its default behavior that add the prefix “Measure_” for each columns that we used in column level. Can you check this thing and there i no way to rename that column.

    1. I just had a conversation with a member of the Datazen development team who confirmed that the best technique is to create calculated members. As you have observed, this adds a “Measure_” prefix to these columns. This seems to be the best option we have in the current release of the tool.

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