13 thoughts on “Remembering Reed Jacobson

  1. Yes. I remember going to sales meeting in Bellevue in July 2001… When I was in the restroom, I said something to him about how impressed I was with Analysis Services.

    He ended up getting me a waiver for my first class at SqlSoft.com and I met with him once or twice after that.

    He loved the Roast Beef and Chipotle from Briazz. Cheers Reed. Thanks for everything.

    Aaron Kempf

    1. Aaron, thank you for keeping this memory alive. Funny thing is that I was recently remembering sitting next to him on a flight we took to Phoenix to teach a class. He took his shoes off and told me that he never flies with shoes on. It was just part of the quirkiness that was Reed. I’ve learned to appreciate a man who does things his own way and for his own reasons.

  2. So very sorry to hear this! I worked with Reed at HP a zillion years ago — his first job in the industry. Scary smart definitely described him and you couldn’t meet a nicer guy. I was just wondering what he was doing now and looked him up. Did not expect to read this! What a loss!

  3. A day after his bike accident Reed offered to help me with a class I was teaching. He said “I’ll be on pain killers, but I can come and help.” Reed was always enthusiatically willing to share his time and knowledge. Both my personal and professional life have been enriched by Reed. Pleasent journey.

  4. I owe a lot to Reed. I was lucky to have met Reed early in my career and to have since known him professionally and personally. He challenged my intellect with his genius on more than one occasion, bending my mind in ways I never knew possible. l am very grateful to have known him and to have called him my friend. Rest in peace.

  5. Reed was a brilliant, creative, kind person and I will miss him very much. He was always the first person I would call when I wanted to discuss a solution. I was very lucky to have known him in my early career as he helped me learn to think about things in a whole new light. Rest in peace Reed.

  6. Reed was my BI mentor in, my teacher, roommate and music partner. I had the privilege to work with him and had this long conversations about everything in his kitchen. I learnt so much from his unbelievable genius mind and we had so much fun together. I miss Reed so much

  7. Sad news. Reed did a great job teaching the Ascend Program for SSAS 2005 early adopters. I was one of the students and I learnt a lot.

  8. Very sad. Reed was one of the first people I ever met for whom the description “scary smart” seemed just right. Great sense of humor, and good stories. He will be missed. I know I learned more from him than I probably even realize.

  9. That’s a real shame. I only met Reed face-to-face a few times, but our paths crossed plenty of times online and he was an impressive guy.

  10. Sad news. I will miss Reed as well. My work history with Reed was brief, but he left a big impression both professionally and personally. I will always remember a kind soul and will always think of him as a friend.

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