NASCAR driver Kurt Busch’s BASIS Bio Stats

I thought I’d share this visual from the folks to produce the BASIS Band fitness tracker (recently acquired by Intel).  I just ordered a BASIS Band for myself which is due to arrive from Amazon tomorrow.  I just spun up a new page on my blog to showcase data visualizations and this will be the first entry…

They strapped a band on Kurt Busch, aka The Outlaw, and monitored vital biometric stats during “The Double”, two back-to-back races on May 25th.  After monitoring nearly nine hours of sleep, Kurt raced the Indy 500 and then commuted by helicopter to Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600.  As you can see, it was a full day and quite a ride – several, actually.

Nice application of a stacked column chart combined with marker line time-series charts with six series values and grouped call-out markers.



Kurt’s sleep patterns the night before race day


As I mentioned, this is featured on the new Visualizations page on my blog.  Please return for a collection of visualization examples and guidelines for using different tools, techniques and visual patterns.

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