7 thoughts on “Maintaining Parallel Power Pivot and SSAS Tabular Models–Tales from the Trenches

  1. Hi Paul,

    Have you try to deploy your model (database) with a different name?
    Then you could backup the deployed database and restore it to the correct database without overwritting the roles.

    I think that would work.

    Tiago Rente.

    1. Tiago, that does work. Thank you. I suppose it’s a matter of jumping through different hoops but this method doesn’t require scripting and reapplying the roles. Thanks

  2. “On occasion, Excel will just shut down or not allow the xlsx file to be saved.”…
    Is this the “Excel encountered a problem…. Autosave has been disabled for the remainder of this session” error message that just randomly pops up in Excel? And from then onwards it is impossible to save the file. I have had this reasonably often over time and found it annoying to say the least. Interestingly, on a couple of occasions I was able to save the file under one of the other file formats, but this doesn’t always work.

      1. Indeed. If I am working with a PowerPivot model intensively, I often set a timer to remind me to save regularly.
        Given how often this issue is encountered, it is a bit disappointing that it hasn’t been fixed by MS.

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