11 thoughts on “Mastering Reporting Services Expressions, March 26

  1. hi i got a value from the expression and i had taken the total value in one text box …and it is also an expreesion and now i need to find the percentage with the total sum of value which is an expression , <>= Sum(Sum(Fields!Quantity.Value * Fields!UnitPrice.Value)))
    and another expression is
    (Sum(Sum(Sum(Fields!Quantity.Value * Fields!UnitPrice.Value))) how to find the percentage of these expressions

    • I’m afraid that I’m not following your question. Perhaps if you will provide a complete example and help me understand your objective, I can direct you to a helpful resource. I don’t see the point in using multiple nested sum functions in this way.

  2. Does “be available through May 25” mean that it will not be avaliable after May 25? (Im from Sweden).

  3. I’m pretty sure that we will run this session again in the next couple of months. Watch Penton Media’s eLearning site for the schedule and you can contact them through that site as well. I’ll also announce it here when future sessions are scheduled.

    • The Mastering Reporting Services Expressions class AdventureWorks Databases. I located the AdventureWorks2008R2_Database.zip file and loaded the database on my SSRS 2008 R2 server. I also download the sample reports and was able to run some of them once I pointed the reports to the correct database. However, there are two data sources, AdventureWorksDW2012 and AdventureWorksDWMultidimensional2012, that are used by some of the reports. Do these two data source have an equivalent version for 2008 R2?

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