PerformancePoint Lives!

For the past couple of years, our clients and many others around the community have been asking about the future of PerformancePoint (also called PPS M&A and SharePoint Insights.)  We haven’t seen a lot of development activity around PerformancePoint which some have taken as a sign that the product may have been marked for discontinuation or that perhaps it would be replaced with features added to another product – like Reporting Services, Power View or Excel.  The Office and SharePoint product teams have been very quiet about this leaving us to speculate.  Turns out that the Office and SharePoint teams have just been busy with other things.  The silence was finally broken and we finally have some insight into what the future holds for the next release of PerformancePoint.  The PPS product is definitely not on the chopping block and it looks like we will some some improvements in the next version.

According to a recent post from Kevin Donovan, Program Manager with the Office BI team, we should expect to see some new features in the new version of PerformancePoint shipping with SharePoint 2013 and some more information is forthcoming.  The features we know of include:

  • Integration with SharePoint themes
  • Significant enhancements to filters and filter searches
  • Support for the Analysis Service EffectiveUserName
  • BI Center enhancements with integrated support for PowerPivot, Power View and Excel Services
  • Ribbon on content type support for the Dashboard Designer
  • Ability to migrate, copy and move PPS content between SharePoint sites


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Paul Turley

Paul Turley

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