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What has your experience been with using tool tips in Reporting Services reports?  This feature gets some mixed reviews.  I see it work and I see it, well, not work so well at times and under certain conditions.   …but I’m interested in your unbiased feedback.  If you’ve used this feature and you have something to say about it, please post a comment.  I’d like to start a dialog.  I have some thoughts and experience with this but I’d like to know what others think, first.  Oh, and by the way, members of the Reporting Services product development team may be listening.

Paul Turley

Paul Turley

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Principal Consultant for 3Cloud Solutions Specializing in Business Intelligence, SQL Server solutions, Power BI, Analysis Services & Reporting Services.

14 thoughts on “Reporting Services Tool Tips

  1. Dear Paul , I have a textbox ‘Department Code’ in which i get values separated by delimiter ‘*’. I need to put the values in new line within the textbox and apply tooltip on each value in the single textbox itself , i tried with multilookup function but it didn’t work. Kindly help.
    input ssrs
    Emp_id Group Code Company Code Department Code
    1 DE 23 GH520*IJ510
    2 GH 187 KL520*MK510
    3 NJ367

    output as below required with tool tip on every value of department code
    Emp_id Group Code Company Code Department Code
    1 DE 23 GH520
    2 GH 187 KL520
    3 NJ367

  2. hello Guys
    I am at a damn peek level frustration with SSRS report in BIDS 2012 tool.
    m Using Standard BIDS 2012.

    I have been struggling from a long time to increase the length of the tool tip in my matrix report.

    For a each grid box [Detail] in my matrix report i am displaying a flag upon hovering it, I have to show a Text containing around 3000 Characters. But In My report, the text is showing until 512 characters only.

    Kindly help me on this.

    Thanks & Regards

    AJ. Hameed

  3. I have noticed that the bar chart tool tips stopped working recently on the server. They work on my workstation BIDS 2008 R2. The text tool tips work consistently in both places so far. Am I right to assume that there is no work around?

  4. I have two observations. One the time of the tooltip is not long enough as soon as my user trying to focus the values, it disappear . The second observation is I can see all my tooltip expression displaying fully inside the development environment (SQL Server data tool) but as soon as I deploy my reports inside SSRS server most of the values get truncated ( I have long string of meta data)

    1. You make some very valid points. I have shared and discussed these concerns with the SSRS product development team in the past and I know that they have some ideas for giving us better control over the tooltip behavior but I’m not aware of any specific plans to implement them right away. There are a few related suggestions and bugs filed on Microsoft’s Connect site that may help prioritize this work. Please vote on any of these that you feel are important:

      1. Thanks for your quick reply. I have some more interesting observation today. If I open SSRS report in Firefox Mozilla, the tooltips does not disappear at all. It stays until I took my mouse out of attribute myself. Another interesting thing all the Meta data is appearing inside Firefox Mozilla while it is truncating inside internet explorer. So I came to conclusion this might be related to browser behaviour instead of SSRS. Can you please try in your environment by using Firefox Mozilla? Unfortunately we could not use Firefox Mozilla organisation wide as IT department do not encourage this

  5. Tooltips are great…if they work! Currently i’m troubleshooting a tooltip on a sparkline-series…in BIDS the tooltips are displayed but not on server 🙁 NO, its not the “zoom other then 100%” bug mentioned on msconnect, must be another bug, no solution found so far..anyone with a list regarding tooltip-fixes in SP1 and SP2 Release of SQL2008=?

  6. First experience EPIC fail… Funny as hell tho, our user base is Internet Explorer and they don’t work at all for our report when using IE 8. Google Chrome, they work like a charm. Go figure.

  7. Dear Paul,

    I have used them several times. Mostly where i need to show details about an ID field. One example is that I show a user id in the report but the users also want full contact information as well. To reserve real estate i put it into a tool tip. It is very useful to preserve minimal report width and size but still show information.


  8. I’ve used them a few times when the business users want to show the transaction comments within the report. Instead of putting this comment in the table directly I use an image and put the comment as the tooltip. For this it works quite ok. Though i’ve noticed that it sometimes doesn’t want to disappear by itself, but i haven’t had the time to troubleshooting that yet.

  9. Dear Paul,

    I want some clarification regarding Data sets in the Reporting Services.

    if we want to create the dataset in sql server we combine the different tables using the join conditions. but if we want to create the dataset using different lists in sharepoint its not allowing me to combine those lists.

    can you please help me regarding this issue and help me how to join the different lists as one dataset to create the report.

    Thank you..

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