PASS 2011 Summit–Day Two

From the Keynote Bloggers’ Table

The second day of PASS started with a keynote addressed that was as well attended as yesterday – probably about 3000.  The Wireless network was saturated once again.  During the session, I was able to post this draft and then a couple of revisions. I was only able to send tweets from my phone during the keynote (I managed to exhaust my phone battery by the afternoon by doing the same yesterday so I’m being a little more conservative today).

Today’s keynote presentations outlined features and capabilities of SQL Server 2012.

Bill Graziano started out by wearing a kilt on stage and recognizing all of the participants of the PASS Kilt Day

Quentin Clark let the presentation about the new capabilities on SQL Server 2012.

Top new capabilities in SQL Server 2012

Always On provides redirection to

Fast performance

Rapid Data Exploration

Managed Self-service BI

Credible, consistent data

Lori Edwards, @sqlgal, demonstrating a complete analytic & data quality.


Peace of Mind

Brit on stage to demo appliances and PDW

Architecture is chosen and designed before selecting the hardware.  Not the other way around.

Showing us the Dell Parallel Data Warehouse.  Looks like an 8 foot tall rack .  Has 480 cores

Small: Business DW manages 1.5 TB

FASTTRACK 3.0 – Pre-configured to, plug in, load data & run in 20 min.

Extend  any data, anywhere

Statistical semantic search

Michael Rys on stage to demo

Used a very cool Silverlight app to search and show results.

Optimized productivity

SQL Server Data Tools (Project Juneau)

Scale on demand

Embeddable, portable database engine (no install)

SQL Azure

Nicholas Dritas, SQLCAT on stage to demo Azure

Mange Azure databases using SSMS – very cool

Backup Azure db from the client

Elastic scale

Cihan Biyikoglu

Sharing (Federations)

Demoing data form Blogs R Us, scalable blog service.

Paul Turley

Paul Turley

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