PASS 2011 Summit Begin–Wed Keynote

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Rashabh Mehta

On stage introducing the conference “That’s Community”  – I agree

  • “Connecting is a very important part of this week”.   Build connections that will last a lifetime.  Many events and sessions specifically for networking and connecting with other professionals.
  • Best way to work with Microsoft and give feedback – Talk to the SQLCAT Team
  • MVP Deep Dives – from 55 MVPs, most are here.  Buy it at the summit and get it signed.
  • Evaluations are very important.  Paper in that back of each session room or onlight

Ted Kummert

Tools & Platform Sr. VP

Watch for announcements…..

  • SQL Server is the most widely adopted db platform/product on the planet
  • Transition to the cloud – new world of data
  • Appliance: Added Dell as PDW provider
  • Cloud is a combination of on premise & off-premise – “A Hybrid World”.  Sync Service s a big part of this vision.


  • Project Crescent is called POWER VIEW
  • Product name: SQL Server 2012
  • Product will ship in early 2012 – no surprises there.

Three-part vision going forward:

  • Processing any data any size, anywhere…
    Azure gets 20,000 Petabytes of data/month
    Microsoft officially supporting Apache Hadoop.  Will be making submission to the Hadoop project.
  • Hadoop project (an open source framework that enables applications to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data)
  • Hadoop
  • Partnering with HortonWorks

Denny Lee on stage

(Denny’s a one-of-a-kind personality – great guy) – runs the SQL CAT Team for large BI projects.

  • New Hive ODBC driver – will be available for download in about a month
  • Denny is demoing using PowerPivot with Hadoop as a data source. – very cool.

Tim Mallalieu on stage

  • Data Explorer – code name of new product in Azure Marketplace
  • Demo of Data Explorer to do data mashup with Excel and SQL Azure data – mashups are logical joins between disparate data sources using merging logic.
  • Using large data feeds through Azure Marketplace,
  • Data Explorer is from Azure Labs – coming soon, early next year.

Ted Kummert

  • Introducing Crescent/PowerView (I smell a demo)
Paul Turley

Paul Turley

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Principal Consultant for 3Cloud Solutions Specializing in Business Intelligence, SQL Server solutions, Power BI, Analysis Services & Reporting Services.

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