Guy In A Cube Power BI Livestream

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I just wanted to give a big big Thank You to Adam Saxton and Patrick Leblanc at for inviting me to participate in the Power BI Livestream yesterday. It was a blast and an honor to hang with you and the Saxton clan (even the sheep and the great dane!). You can watch the replay for the Saturday morning YouTube livestream here:

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Here are a few quick shots from yesterday. Interviews with Adam will follow in the next few days.

After the livestream, Adam and I sat down and talked about the genesis and evolution of the Guy In A Cube effort. In our interview, he told me about how he got started in his 16 year career with Microsoft, and his love of data, community, gadgets, games and video. You can watch the interview in this post: An Interview from The Cube, with Adam Saxton – Data On The Road

Paul Turley

Paul Turley

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Principal Consultant for 3Cloud Solutions Specializing in Business Intelligence, SQL Server solutions, Power BI, Analysis Services & Reporting Services.

2 thoughts on “Guy In A Cube Power BI Livestream

  1. Hi Paul, I have read some of your articles and they have helped. I have a question though and wondering if you can write an article on it?

    Imagine you have a DataSet. This DataSet is parameterized so we take only the 100 results from a set of 1000’s and ultimately gets you a set of 2 columns for the given parameter, Key and Value lets say.

    Now, on my Paginated Report I just need to show a single Value for the Key of “ABC” I have not seen a function that has a WHERE clause like this:

    =Where(Fields!Key, “ABC”, Fields!Value, “KeyValueTable).Value

    Lookup seems close but I do not need to join another table. So I started going down the route of VBA (coz I am a developer in many languages, this seems simple) and am not sure how the then filter on the DataSet or perhaps (like in you breadcrumbs post) have dynamic SQL (which I then do not know how to execute.)

    Just wondering if any of this is possible? Seems like it should be. Please help, Sir!

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