It’s about solving business problems & meeting people… Allen White interview

I’ve been remiss about blogging for a little while and have some great stuff to share, starting with this interview with Allen White at the PASS Summit conference in November. Allen is a 15-year PASS veteran and one of the most consistent SQL Server experts in the industry. He’s a powerhouse of knowledge, experience and wisdom. He’s a long-time SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform MVP and owner of DataPerf Professionals Consulting, mentor, coach, trainer, co-founder and leader of the Ohio North SQL Server user group. He’s served on the PASS Board of Directors as the Program Director.

Allen shared some pearls of wisdom in this sit-down interview during PASS Summit 2018 in Seattle. He knows a lot about SQL Server tools and his first bit of advice for industry newcomers… “it’s not about tools.”

P: Allen, as an experienced leader in this industry what advice would you give to someone breaking in the industry or really thinking about planning their career around the Microsoft data platform?

A: People just starting out in the industry tend to do is focus on the tools in the technologies that’s the exciting thing. The problem is where the focus really needs to be is on the business problems that need to be solved. The tools are there to solve business problems; not in and of themselves. So, focus on what it is about the business that makes the tools useful to solve those business problems.

P: OK, and… so for a student or someone who has not immersed in facing business users and business leaders yet in their career; where does a person go to get that experience? What do they look for?

A: It’s a function of studying what it is about a particular line of business that…proposes the challenge. So, a transportation industry example… You’ve got trucks and they’ve got to get from point A to point B and you’ve got to measure that.. What tools out there into measures that? Do they have built-in GPS? Are they able to send those GPS signals to some centralized device that can even report on and track the progress of those vehicles etc.? …those kinds of things. Think about the business and the information needs that will help that business succeed.

P: Okay, good. What are you looking forward to most about PASS Summit this week?

A: Meeting the people. People make all the difference. My first Summit was 15 years ago and I’ve been to every one since and it’s always about the people.

Learn more about Allen and the PASS organization here.

Paul Turley

Paul Turley

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