From the Keynote at the Microsoft Data Insights Summit

In sitting up front in the Data Insights Summit waiting for the keynote to begin.  It’s Monday, June 12, 2017.  I’ll update this post with announcements.  We’ve been told to expect some important news and announcement today.  Internet connectivity is pretty spotty so you may see some updates later in the keynote session.

I’m sitting in the Press section with fellow bloggers, who are also sending updates from the Summit keynote.  Check out their notes as well.

Reza Rad:

Marco Russo:

Matt Allington:

James Phillips on stage: “we need to get a bigger room… we’re over capacity. please don’t tell the fire marshal  …just kidding.  No, really… I’m just kidding”

IMG_1178 (002)

Power BI has more data connectors than any other BI product in the industry.

Custom visuals has been a big game changer.  Surprisingly, many are company and industry-specific.  Developers don;t have to use “regular” visuals when they have unique needs.

Power BI is “Planet Scale” …deployed in every geo data center we have on the globe.

Certified & HIPPA-compliant.  The numbers reflect that Microsoft is now the clear leader in the Data Analytics industry.

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Sirui demonstrating Power BI Premium, which enables you to have “Special Powers”
Premium allows schedule refresh up to 48 time per day.

James: “Actionable BI”  in Power BI and PowerApps  …the loop of amazingness.

Amir Netz: New features being released today:
– EM1, embedded content starts at $625/month
– SharePoint Online embedding
– Teams… select a workspace & reports to embed into a Teams discussion
– Visio Diagram visual control…  shapes are mapped to fields in the model and can be conditionally colored.

IMG_1185 (002)
– PowerApp visual provides real-time write-back embedded in a Power BI report

Import custom visuals directly from the Store in PBI Desktop

Data bars with conditional formatting – in tables…. super cool!

WE HAVE DRILL-THROUGH from page to page!!!!

Bookmarks… “remembers” the context of the page filters and slicers.  New Bookmarks pane allows named bookmarks to be saved.

Spotlight… creates “pop-up” experience for a visual

Show/hide…  different visuals related to bookmarks

Navigation buttons:  need I say more? 

“What-if Parameters” – works like a disconnected table.  Interactive values are reference-able in DAX formulas.

Explain the Increase: like Quick Insights, uses AI algorithm to visualize a data change.

Q&A on the phone app:  UX is like a text message conversation

IMG_1186 (002)

The new feature summary and wrap-up:


Paul Turley

Paul Turley

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