7 thoughts on “Where are SQL Server 2016 Client Tools?

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  3. Hi Paul

    I had a real problem after I installed SQL 2016 standard on my new server. After I installed the SSMS and data tools I found all traces of my servers program shortcuts had vanished!!!

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. On a new 2012R2 Hyper-V VM
    2. Install SQL 2016 standard RTM
    3. Install SQL 2016 SP1
    4. Download and install SSMS – verified tools were installed and working
    5. Download and install SSDT
    6. Result was all of the previous shortcuts were deleted!!!
    7. To fix run a repair install for SQL 2016
    8. Reinstall SSMS
    9. Reinstall SP1 – just in case

    I have to wonder how much testing has gone into SSDT? I don’t think SSDT should be installed on the server but this was not obvious to me.


    • Hi, Peter
      That is unusual. When you say “program shortcuts”, are you referring to the program items for SQL Server on the Start menu? I’d recommend getting this feedback to the product team through a TechNet support forum and/or Connect site. I’d be interested to know what caused this.


      • Yes all of the items apart from the SSDT links were removed. I will raise in the forum you mentioned. Thanks.


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