14 thoughts on “DataZen Dashboards Update

  1. Thanks for this great post Paul!
    Datazen is missing documention 😦

    Any idea on how to use SelectedItems from a multi-value Selection List ?
    (for exemple on a SQL Server Data View)


  2. Parameterized query is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Query get Executed properly but with zero result..
    if i remove the parameter ,,, i am able to find the aspected result …………


    • Parameterized query is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Query get Executed properly but with zero result..
      if i remove the parameter ,,, i am able to find the aspected result …………


  3. Hi Paul

    Have you tried to create a view using MDX and parameters ? I have not been able to find the correct way to do it :o(

    I defined a parameter and used it like this {{ @MyParameter }} in my WHERE section but when I check with the profiler it is replaced by @p1 …

    Thanks !


    • Hi, Paul. Yes. There’s no documentation for this which is why I’m working on some material that should be published in the next few weeks. Here’s an example from a parameterized MDX query I have working in a published dashboard. Keep in mind that a parameterized query runs live and the results don’t get cached like typical non-parameterized data views so they can run considerably slower. It’s best to keep queries simple and result sets as small as possible.

      STRTOMEMBER( “[Date].[Year].&[” + ‘{{ @Year }}’ + “]” )


      • Great ! This is exactly what I was looking for !

        One thing I noticed is that I had a chart that was linked to a time navigator that used to work fine but since I parameterized the dataview to affect the WHERE, the time navigator selection is not affecting it anymore…

        Thanks !


      • Hi – I get this to work for single-value parameters, but not sure how to handle multi-select filters.

        E.g. I want to allow selection of multiple categories in a filter that then gets passed to the query. I can bind “.SelectedItems” (plural) to the parameter, but I can’t figure out a way to use the comma-separated list in a IN-operator (I am working in T-SQL) – any ideas?

        – And I also get the issue with the time navigator not working – necessary to implement as extra parameters (SelectedStart and SelectedEnd) in the parameterized query.


  4. Paul,

    Thank you it was the Service account that did not have privileges to do much.
    We fixes the service to run with appropriate privileges and it worked.

    thank you.


  5. I would first verify that the Datazen services are running under the identity of your service account, make sure you have a SQL Server login created for that account and then check the user mapping for the login to verify that it is in the db_datareader role for the database. The connection should be using Integrated Security. When you say “data connection to my sql”, I assume you mean for your SQL Server instance and not “MySQL”. If this doesn’t work, run a SQL Server Profiler trace and see how the connection is trying to authenticate.


    • Thank you Paul. I will try that. Yes I’m using SQL 2008 R2.
      I will keep you updated on this.

      thank you,


  6. I’m having problems with the data connection to my sql.
    When I test the connection it tell me it fails for the User domain\server$

    Any advice to connect correctly?

    thank you,

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  7. The data source and data view setups are particularly poor. The requirement to know MDX at an extremely advanced level (at least to my skill set) was disappointing to say the least. Hoping that Microsoft fast tracks this to their programmers and polishes up these backend issues since the visualization part is nearly perfect.


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