Different Options to Use D&B Cleanse & Match

Dun and Bradstreet offers services to cleanse and validate business records from their comprehensive reference database.  There are different ways to use the service depending on the scenario and sophistication of the overall solution.  This slide, from my presentation called D&B Premium Options & Solution Scale which you can download and view in the Presentations page on my blog, shows three categories of solutions.


The Business Verification and Cleanse & Match service may be integrated and used in scenarios ranging from very simple for occasional desktop use to sophisticated and complex for integrated enterprise-scale solutions.  I have two presentations in video form that demonstrate these options.  These are on my YouTube channel and here on my blog.  SolidQ has recently entered into a partner relationship with D&B to help consulting clients find the best way to integrate D&B services.  If you need help in this area, please let us know.

Paul Turley

Paul Turley

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Principal Consultant for 3Cloud Solutions Specializing in Business Intelligence, SQL Server solutions, Power BI, Analysis Services & Reporting Services.

4 thoughts on “Different Options to Use D&B Cleanse & Match

  1. I have seen quite a bit of reference data from the D&B Business Verification service for countries in Europe and other locales outside the US. To my knowledge, the D&B reference database is international. I will check with contacts at D&B to see if I can get you a more detailed response.

  2. Paul, I can’t find if it works worldwide ?
    Do you know if D&B database contains French companies for example ?

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