2 thoughts on “What Does it Cost to Implement a Business Intelligence Project?

  1. Estimating is so terribly hard… I like your approach Djeepy, and we follow something similar.

    We are a bit fortunate, however, in that the estimation on platform and licenses is far easier for us as we offer the full Microsoft BI solution – in all its on-premise power and glory – as a cloud offering. We do not have to plan for any inherent limitations in other cloud versions, and our configurations are scripted, tested, and vetted already. So time and expense are spared on what is typically a tough process.

    That said, we also occasionally do the BI work around Power Pivot and Power View – with emphasis on enabling customer self-serve BI, and the estimating complexity rears it’s ugly head right at that point! We do meet with some success with a lightweight project management approach on the BI deliverables.

    Great article, Paul. Comforting to know that others share this challenge!

  2. Paul, I agree your thoughts about Estimating. It is relevant in France too.

    For my part, I try to break usual estimating. I think its counterproductive to estimate a 50-pages requirements containing hundreds of indicators that users was forced to fulfil…(and that will probably change during project).

    I try to educate my customers that important is “approach” and their own investment about it during the project.
    Customers commit to N iterations and we define the content “on-the-fly” together. There is some considerations about platform and some preliminary work but it’s the philosophy.
    That’s my implementation “Agile BI”

    I’ll be happy to share our thoughts more deeply one day :).

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