Join us at the PASS BAC Unconference Pizza Night

I’ve seen a lot of interesting sessions and gatherings at industry conferences but this is one of the best ideas so far:

Introducing… The Unconference!  …the anti-conference within a conference

Aside from the outstanding value I get from going to hear leading experts share their experience in structured sessions, some of the greatest learning comes from side conversations and informal encounters with people between the sessions.  For me, a lot of those conversations happen when I bump into someone whose blog I’ve followed or book I’ve read with just a few minutes to spare between sessions.  Unless we chat off-hours, we’re always rushed to get to the next scheduled event.  And then to chat with a session speaker after their session to try to get an answer to that one critical question (you know, the main reason you went to the conference)… The way that usually goes is that at the end of a good session, everyone with questions runs up to the front of the room and lines-up to talk to the presenter as he or she packs-up and tries to get out of the way of the next presenter preparing for their session.  You’re lucky to get 2 minutes of time with the expert before the next person in line.

The Unconference gives you two hours with the experts and no rules.  No rules!  This is an outstanding opportunity to spend some quality time with people who have real-world answers and deep insights in their respective fields of interest.  For a lot of us, the most important reason for coming is to get quality face-time with the right people

There is limited space so sign-up to reserve your spot on Thursday, 8 May 2014 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM

This event is led by Denise McInerney, Data Engineer at Intuit, the agenda is created at the start of the evening. Anyone who wishes to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space. Attendees are encouraged to share thoughts in open discussions with community-proposed topics.


Paul Turley

Paul Turley

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Principal Consultant for 3Cloud Solutions Specializing in Business Intelligence, SQL Server solutions, Power BI, Analysis Services & Reporting Services.

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