Reporting Services Migration Guide Released

It’s great to see Microsoft’s ongoing support for Reporting Services.  Not long ago, a client needed some help migrating their entire arsenal of SSRS reports from report servers to a new enterprise-wide SharePoint deployment.  It wasn’t easy and there were limited options to automate the process.  That’s why I’m excited to share the announcement that the Migrating Content Between Report Servers white paper has been released.

This paper covers how to use the new Reporting Services Migration Tool which is currently in beta release. 

Using the tool, you can migrate these objects: Reports, Shared Data Sources, Shared Datasets, Folders, Subscriptions, Snapshots, Credentials stored in the data sources and subscriptions, Cache Refresh Options and Processing Options.

You can generate migration scripts that can be managed and executed with PowerShell.

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2 thoughts on “Reporting Services Migration Guide Released

  1. Paul,
    Do you have any advice on getting additional direction on errors from this tool. I I am trying to export data from a SQL 2012 scale out installation with https and get this error: Failed to retrieve contents of folder ‘/’ from Report Server. Folder ‘/’ will not be migrated. Thanks for any advice.


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