Reporting Services & MDX Queries – Video Tutorials

Working with multiple clients lately, mentoring report development on SSAS (mostly Tabular and some multidimensional), this prompted me to create these tutorials to provide some training and follow-on support.

Reporting Services can be a great tool for designing reports using data in an Analysis Services database with MDX queries.  MDX works with either a multidimensional model (containing cubes & dimensions) or a Tabular model using the xVelocity in-memory aggregation engine.  Basic MDX queries can be fairly easy but graduating beyond simple design can be like opening Pandora’s Box unless you really know what you’re doing.

I’ve recorded a set of video tutorials that begin with basic MDX created using the graphical MDX Query Designer and then move to hand-written MDX queries and more advanced features.  Each tutorial is about 24 minutes in length.  The focus of these presentations is to show you how to use MDX in Reporting Services and doesn’t cover MDX language essentials.  If you need help getting started with the MDX query language, I recommend that you view Chris Webb’s MDX training on Project Botticelli.

These tutorials include:

1.Using the MDX Query Builder to generate queries & parameters

  • Examining the MDX query
  • Understanding parameter mapping

2.Hand writing MDX Queries

  • Adding parameters
  • Creating parameter list queries
  • Manual parameter mapping

3.Enhancing a Report

  • Creating cascading parameters
  • Updating a hand-written MDX query

These examples use the SSAS multidimensional sample database.  You can download the AdventureWorks Multidimensional Models SQL Server 2012 databases from the CodePlex site here.  Follow the directions to install/restore the relational data mart, the SSAS multidimensional project and then process the database from SSDT.  In full screen view, use the HD option.

Tutorial 1 – Using the MDX Query Builder to generate queries & parameters

Tutorial 2 – Hand writing MDX Queries

Tutorial 3 – Enhancing a Report

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Paul Turley

Paul Turley

Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Principal Consultant for 3Cloud Solutions Specializing in Business Intelligence, SQL Server solutions, Power BI, Analysis Services & Reporting Services.

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