SQL Server 2012 RC0 Released Today

It’s exciting to see all the pieces of SQL Server 2012 coming together.  Many new and compelling features have been in development for several years.  Today we finally get to see which features have made the cut and will ship in the released product in a few months.  Release Candidate 0 (RC0) can be downloaded here.

I’ve been watching this product for more than two years since the product teams gave MVPs and selected partners our first look at the SQL Server "Denali" software development review back in October, 2009.  Since then, we’ve been meeting with the developers, leaders and program managers in review discussions and insider first-look sessions every few months.  This release will be bigger and more capable than any before.

Of course, I’m paying attention to the revolutionary business intelligence features; SSRS alerting, BISM tabular models, and the crème de la crème: Power View.  Take a look at this post on Robert Bruckner’s blog for a comprehensive demonstration of the Power View features added since CTP3. 


Image courtesy of Robert Bruckner

All of these capabilities will be covered extensively on the next release of our Wrox Press Professional series book on Reporting Services.

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