3 thoughts on “Testing for NULLS in a Dataset Filter

  1. HI Paul

    I support customers who can’t handle working with MDX in text mode. The issue I’ve never figured out (after a couple years now) is how you can make the query designer filter out rows based on the value of a measure.

    The sad thing I often see is customers creating a query that says “show me sales by employee for a certain time period.” 10 of these employees will have an actual value, while the others don’t have any real values.

    I keep thinking there must be a way to filter out (in the query, not the report), those rows where Measure.x is null, but I’ve never been able to do this with the query designer in visual mode.

    is it possible?

  2. I’m not a fan of using the old-style report models and you’ll find that most SSRS professionals don’t use them. The writing is on the wall for deprecation.

  3. How does this work when we’re working with Report Builder Query Filters based on report models? i.e. if I use

    NOT Is Blank or Empty it still returns values that are either empty or NULL.

    In fact when I capture the SQL SSRS generates for NOT Is Blank or Empty I see a construct like this.

    AND NOT ( ([tbl_pmr_PMRs].[BuildName] = ”
    AND NOT ( [tbl_pmr_PMRs].[BuildName] IS NULL )
    OR [tbl_pmr_PMRs].[BuildName2] IS NULL)


    But this seems to still pick up those that are Blank or Empty

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