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  • Power BI Designer Solution (2 parts)
  • Power BI Components in Excel 2013 (5 parts)

Power BI Designer Solution (part 1 of 2)

Power BI Designer Solution (part 2 of 2)

Download: Designer project file, Script file, Shape Category workbook


Power BI Complete Demonstration – Part 1 Power Query

Part 2 Power Pivot

Part 3 Power View

Part 4 Data Correlation

Part 5 Publish to Office 365

Download: Script file, Shape Category workbook

6 thoughts on “Video Tutorials

  1. Derek, you make a very good point and I appreciate your expertise on this. This may not have been clear but I was being sarcastic. This was more for entertainment value and I really didn’t expect to find any correlation about between UFO sightings and drug use.


  2. One word of warning from a statistician… You should not look for any meaningful correlation between two sets of data that are completely unrelated. If you had measures taken on THE SAME individuals with respect to ‘Have I seen/reported a UFO?’ and ‘Have I taken drugs in the past?’, then you could look for correlation and your investigation would very much be valid from the point of view of statistical methodology. Of course, you can always ask about two time series being correlated (as in your case) but the value of such an investigation would be rather dubious and an interpretation of any outcome would be difficult, to say the least.


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