I Need Your Questions about Power BI and Paginated Reports

For a new series of posts to include tutorials and “how to” demonstrations for Power BI, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Paginated Reports, I need your help to know what questions are most compelling and top of mind.

Please scroll to the Comments section at the bottom of this post and help me create a list with your questions and suggested topics.

What questions do you have and what do you need to learn how to do?

Make suggestions and cast your votes on others’ ideas for video posts, demos and tutorials you would like to see. I will add these to a list and work through as many as I can. The following are some rough topic areas and ideas to get started:

Power BI Solution Questions:

  • Power Query techniques
  • Data modeling techniques
  • DAX calculation techniques
  • Visualization best practices
  • How to design a specific report feature
  • Of the many choices or approaches to address a business need, which is a recommended practice?

Paginated Reports & SSRS Questions:

  • How do Paginated Reports work in the Power BI cloud service?
  • How are Paginated Reports and SSRS licensed from Microsoft?
  • When should I use Power BI vs SSRS or Paginated Reports?
  • Navigating between different report types

8 thoughts on “I Need Your Questions about Power BI and Paginated Reports

  1. Paul

    This seems like an excellent idea!

    We are trying to use PowerShell and the Power BI API to import RDL files from SSRS into Power BI but we have an on-premises version of Power BI Server.

    There are plenty of examples around but none of them seem to be tailored to the on-premises version!



  2. Is it possible to throw more light on how query parameters are set up in power bi file and how they get passed over to paginated report parameters to get just the report we need on the paginated side? There is a guy in a cube video for a single parameter but it does not really go well when trying to pass multiple parameters from power bi file to an associated paginated report file. Thank you in advance.


  3. Hi,

    Would like to know any way to schedule a refresh for data from Web pages without setting up a gateway connection.


  4. I’d like to know why anyone would want paginated reports. If our dear report reader needs to turn pages to find information, we are not doing our job. (Do you ever go to the second page on Google? And when it happens, isn’t it disappointing?)


  5. Hi Paul,

    I’m exeperienced using Qlikview and I’m in the process of learning PowerBI.
    One of the ways I wanted to learn was to try and make some graphs on the Covid-19 virus. One of the graphs I made in Qlikview shows the number of Covid-19 fatalities by country by day (where day 1 is 10 deaths).
    It also has two trend lines. Showing the trajectory of fatalities if the figures double every two and three days.

    I think this is quite a useful measure as you can see most countires have slowed the fataility rate. I wonder if this is somethig, it’s posisble to do in PowerBI ? (I’ve been struggling with this)

    An screen shot of the graph is here:


  6. Consider discussing Error handling, and how to perform trouble shooting examples of unexpected errors. For example: connection to a Web site to download a table, and merging with a SQL Server table.

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